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  1. Frances
    29 Aprile 2019 @ 16:00


    the Deception of Family Names (that is virtual, artificial) versus the Reality of oneself (that is truthful)


    anyone holds a Family Name that says very little about whom one is,

    and Family Names aren’t but virtual, artificial,

    while one’s own Name and, the own Name of one’s Mother plus the own Name of one’s Father tell everything about one’s Genetics,

    which consists in 50% Genes by one’s Mother and 50% Genes by one’s Father

    (more often a Family Name is something that belongs to some Ancestor, of whom the present Person holds, genetically speaking, nothing more,

    and moreover, the present Person holds, genetically speaking, very much of many other ones,

    especially and/or merely of one’s Mother and of one’s Father, that is truthful);

    much is built upon Family Names and yet, this is of the virtual, artificial World,

    and disconnects oneself (and the other) from the truthful World,

    (this causes Misperceptions, Misunderstandings, and even Perversion:

    i.e. amid Families, all the Problem concerning ”Honor Killings” that is ”Horror Killings” is based on that,

    and there are many other Facts, i.e. culturally contextualized, that comes from these virtual Names,

    used and abused instead of using anything that had to do with truthful Reality,

    cfr. the Label of a Party applied on a Person, versus who that Person truthfully and individually is, see what the Person thinks, feels, perceives, creates, or the Label of a Religion applied to someone, versus who someone truthfully is, else,

    see how many so called political and/or religious Wars have been fought because of that Misconception,

    where too many innocent Individuals have lost their precious, unique, God given Life and Existance);

    for everyone it is better to hold a own Name (maybe chosen by himself/herself or, by God if one has any suitable Contact or Connection of this Kind),

    and be himself/herself (”for the Benefit of oneself and the other as well”)


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